No. 4 Reconstructing Masque

Does your hair need a little refresher? Look no further than to the No. 4 Reconstructing Masque. Yes, it’s for hair. At first, I thought it was a facial mask! Thank goodness I read directions from time to time! πŸ˜‰ I got a small sample of this product that I ended up loving.

photo 1No. 4 Reconstructing Masque sample from Birchbox

You can subscribe to the monthly Birchbox subscription box here! This product smells like flowers and is a smooth, creamy, white consistency. My hair is halfway down my back and the amount of product in this sample package was enough for all my hair.

photo 2I left it in my hair for 3-5 minutes in the shower. Once I rinsed it all out, it already made my hair super smooth. After stepping out of the shower, my hair felt so much lighter. I felt as if I just went under a deep conditioning treatment and it was just a hair mask! I’d definitely recommend this product to others. I’d also definitely use it again, especially if I’m in a hair rut or a shampoo rut.

What do you think? Have you tried this product before?


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