Pores Shmores

Has anyone ever told you your pores were huge? Well, people have said that to me numerous times over the years. I’d like to think of them as my own kind of “freckles,” but let’s be real: They’re huge pores.

I got a sample of L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Pore Vanisher from inside of a magazine (I don’t remember which one specifically. Probably Allure?) in which I subscribe.

Loreal2The sample was enough for about two applications.

Loreal1It went on super smoothly and made my skin have that matte, flawless look to it. So the advertisement was correct in saying, “…minimizes the look of pores with a soft-focus finish.” I wish I had a larger sample of it because after two applications, you can’t really tell if your pores are vanishing or not. I could definitely see the product masking my pores a bit, making them seem less apparent, however I’d like to see the long term conclusions. Does this product really shrink pores after using it for about a month?

Have you used this product before? What do you think of it?


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