Put a Bow on it

If you know me, you know I love ribbons and bows.

white lace singleOh, no. One bow is never enough. In this look, I’m wearing four. Can you spot them all? Probably not just yet. Let’s take a closer look.

white laceDress: I.N. San Francisco from Ross
Bow flats: Classified from Shiekh
Belt: H&M
Bow on belt (it’s a hair barrette): Forever 21
Yellow bow ring: Forever 21
Bow earrings: Claire’s
Stud bracelet: Nordstrom Rack
All photos by Basil Sar Photography

Did you spot all four bows? No, I don’t have a favorite bow because I love them all. These bow flats have lasted me years and I love wearing them. They can be dressed up and down. The bow earrings I have on are irritating only sometimes because of the size. Well, any large studded earring is inconvenient with three ear lobe piercings so close to one another. The plastic yellow bow ring is one of my favorite chunky jewelry pieces of all time. Last but not least, the bow on the belt is actually a hair barrette! I love using hair barrettes on belts. It adds a little flair to an outfit, don’t you think?

What do you think about ribbons and bows? I obviously love them.


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