Emerald Envy

A bright pop of emerald green can brighten up your spring and summer wardrobe. I’ve had this dress since high school and it’s been through quite a lot.

Dress: Forever 21
Flats: Xhileration from Target
Photos by Basil Sar Photography

It was one of those dresses I bought on a whim for some event. I can’t remember what I bought it for at this point anymore. I wore it during a dance number on stage when I was in a musical, I wore it on stage for when I was practicing for a choir performance, and I wore it out to dinners and dances. It’s been a while since then, but I broke it out of the closet once more so it could see some sunlight.

It was one of the dresses on the cheaper end of the spectrum, but wasn’t one of the easiest to handle. The sheer to chiffon-like top layer and the silk-like second layer posed as an issue when I once wore a hoodie over the dress. (Bad idea because of the friction.) The straps didn’t fit me correctly because they were way too large, so I had to take it in about an inch. Also, the deep V-neck posed to be an issue, so the dress has to be worn with a cami tank or bandeau underneath. With all of these issues posed, I still liked the dress. Why? Mainly because of the color. I don’t have anything else this pigmented! After all these years, the bright emerald green still shines like it’s brand new.

What do you think? Does emerald work for you? Are you a fan of bright colored clothing?


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