Bold in Blue

One of my favorite things about putting together an outfit is styling around accent colors. This business casual, work-appropriate ensemble is simple, yet accented with the color blue in a few different ways.
photo 2I love business dresses. I normally wear white-on-black or all black at work. After a while of falling into a boring rut, I decided to take measures in my own hands and liven up my wardrobe a bit. Office attire shouldn’t be boring! I wasn’t going to go out and buy colorful clothing appropriate for the workplace, it’s easier to take the items already hidden somewhere in the messy closet and turn something boring into something exciting. I decided I wanted to play with color.


Dress: Amber Blue from Nordstrom Rack
Blazer: NEU from Ross
Flats: MadLove from Target
All photos by Basil Sar Photography

I took one of my favorite colors and accessorized with it. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be because everything was right in front of me. So what do you do when you’re stuck in a business attire rut? Tell me in the comments below.

photo 1


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