Pucker Up, Precious!

Pucker up for some NYX Butter Gloss! I got this lip product as a full-sized sample in my Ipsy glambag subscription box. Subscribe for one here!

photo 1(2)photo 3The shade I got was “Creme Brulee,” which looks nude-pink in the tube.
The photos below show my lips before and after the product application.

Photo 1: Before
Photo 2: After
Photo 3: After

photo 4The lip gloss wasn’t very sticky, in which I was thankful. The application was smooth and the color was fairly light. The bottle claims the product is, “…gloss that feels like it melts on lips,” and I think that’s kind of true. It’s definitely got that buttery texture.

I’ll use this lip gloss most likely in the office since it’s a nice neutral shade. I was surprised at how much I actually liked this lip gloss because I haven’t liked NYX’s products in the past. Then again, it was just the eyeliner I didn’t like. I’m not sure if I’d go out and buy another NYX butter gloss, but if I did, I’d buy it in a darker shade.

What do you think? Have you tried this product before? Did you get it in your Ipsy glambag too?


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