Some More Tea, Please

I’m a tea lover. I drink more tea than I drink coffee. So why hadn’t I ever owned a tea infuser/strainer ’til now? I have no idea. Let me introduce you to my new friend, Mr. Tea:
photo 2This is a Fred & Friends product, but I met Mr. Tea at Target. I had such a difficult time choosing a tea infuser. There were so many I’ve seen in the past that I loved! There was a rubber ducky one, a spaceship, a whale, and then the regular not-so-adorable ones. In the end, I choose Mr. Tea because it was a convenient purchase; you can always find me at Target.

Before I bought this infuser, my tea cups looked like this:

photo 1Filled with tea leaves and flower petals! Yikes! I had to use a spoon to stop myself from accidentally swallowing this stuff!

I’m very thankful to have met Mr. Tea. Let me show you how he works. He’s a squishy man, made of silicone. First, you have to take off Mr. Tea’s pants…that sounds so weird.

photo 3You then insert your tea leaves into Mr. Tea’s pants. Here, I’m using Lupicia‘s strawberry and vanilla tea.
photo 4Then, after Mr. Tea’s pants are all filled up with tea leaves, you secure the top half of his squishy body back onto his bottom half. He’s a good medium size.
photo 5After Mr. Tea is back in one piece, you can place him in your empty tea cup. He’ll sit so that his body is in the cup, with just his arms hanging onto the rim of the cup. (This cup is Vera Bradley‘s Blue Rhapsody I got via Barnes & Nobles.)
PicMonkey CollageNext, you can add some water and watch your tea steep. If Mr. Tea isn’t in the cup far enough, you can hang him by just one arm, lowering his body into the water so the tea leaves come into contact with more water.
photo 8As you can see, there are still tiny bits of tea leaves that escape from Mr. Tea’s pants, but it’s OK because at least you’re not getting a mouthful of tea leaves! Ick!
photo 9And look, Mr. Tea even has a smile on his face!
photo 10You can enjoy your tea with Mr. Tea in your cup, or if he gets in the way or if the cup is too narrow, you can take him out after your tea finishes steeping.

Mr. Tea is very easy to clean and is very convenient. I’d definitely get this as a gift for someone just because it’s so cute! So what are your thoughts? Have a favorite tea infuser? Share your experiences in the comments below!


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