LUSH Catalog: Fresh Matters

I got something in the mail last week which intrigued me upon first glance. It was a LUSH catalog, but it looked like it was half magazine and half catalog. I think I may have flipped through LUSH catalogs in the past, but they definitely did not look like what I grabbed out of the mailbox and was inspecting in my hand.

photo 1I’m sure this is a catalog, but I’d call it a half magazine and half catalog still. It’s thicker than their usual catalogs, if I remember correctly. The first portion of this booklet was the magazine portion, and the rest was the catalog. I flipped through it and found some amazing content.

I got a sense of what the company was all about. I got information about the ingredients that go into their products and why they are who they are.
photo 3
Not only was there great content about the company and products, there was a lot of information about what LUSH does as a company all over the world. It made me see how widespread LUSH really is and how popular they are.
photo 2
When I got to the catalog portion of the booklet, I saw their familiar products I’m so used to seeing.
photo 4
I have a confession to make: I’ve never bought a LUSH product before. Gasp! I know, I know. I think I’ll have to change that soon. I just don’t know which products to try! There are so many! Maybe I’ll try them all, ha! My bank account would just loooove that…

I saw some familiar bath bombs. My best friend loves these things! I think my only issue is that I prefer showers over baths so I most likely won’t be using them, but I hear they’re to die for!
photo 5
I’ve stepped foot inside LUSH stores a few times and I’m super fascinated by their hard shampoos. Have any of you tried them before? I really want to. I think I will. What’s stopping me, right? Any recommendations?
photo 6
I also really want to try this henna hair dye. I mean, I want to re-dye my hair dark brown anyways. Anyone want to dye my hair for me? Hehe it’ll be an adventure we can both take together. Anyone used henna dye before for hair?
photo 8
I discovered LUSH makes makeup! I didn’t know this! I should really look into this. A good lip balm or something sounds like a reasonable investment. I really don’t need any more lip products, but you know…
photo 7
Anyways, before I go off and buy random products from LUSH, anyone have any suggestions for me?


2 thoughts on “LUSH Catalog: Fresh Matters

  1. Their mascara is great once you get used to the short brush. I adore buffy body butter, it gives you a great exfoliation in the shower then leaves your skin feeling so smooth and moisturised!

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