Petty isn’t Pretty

Petty isn’t pretty. I got this t-shirt a couple years ago from Seventeen magazine/Seventeen Style Pros when they partnered up with Secret deodorant for a Mean Stinks anti-bullying campaign. I’ve forgotten exactly how I got the shirt. I don’t think I got it for joining anything, I think I got it through a contest of some sort? Unfortunately, I can’t recall.

PettyT-shirt: Mean Stinks
Pants: Old Navy
Flats: TOMS
All photos by Basil Sar Photography

If I won the shirt and didn’t just get it for free just because, it was most likely because I submitted a story. If this was the case, they were probably looking for people’s opinion on anti-bullying/being bullied. If you know me personally, you probably already heard my whole bullying fiasco. If you haven’t, check out this opinion piece I wrote for the Spartan Daily newspaper when I was a staff reporter.

Mean stinks. Support anti-bullying. ❀


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