L’Oreal Paris Extraordinaire by Color Riche Lip Gloss

Looking for a new lip color? Look no further than to L’Oreal Paris Extraordinaire by Color Riche.
ProductI got this lip gloss sample from Marie Claire‘s Velvet Rope Club, so I owe them a huge thanks! As you can see, the packaging is a very sleek, gold bottle which fits in the palm of your hand. The lip gloss applicator wand itself is of a good medium size. It was easy to use and it has a good shape to it.
Product openOut of the 16 different shades of Extraordinaire glosses listed online, I got 304 Ruby Opera. This shade is a bright, pigmented red lip gloss. Upon first use, I could smell a hint of flowers in the gloss.
Product testAfter thinking of how I was going to wear this gloss, I realized I wanted to try it in different ways, so I started a few experiments. I wanted to try wearing the gloss itself, over lipstick, over lip balm, with lip liner, without lip liner, and I wanted to test it against food and liquid.

This photo below is the gloss with only a light layer of lip balm underneath:
Gloss onlyAs you can see, it is very bright without a layer of red lipstick underneath. After a few hours, however, the color started to bleed. I figured I should then wear this gloss with either a lip liner or lipstick underneath.

The following day, I chose to wear lipstick and then a layer of Extraordinaire gloss over it:
Gloss w lipstick underThe red is definitely more pigmented with the lipstick underneath it. After a few hours, the gloss didn’t start to bleed like it did the previous day. Even with lip liner and lipstick under the gloss, there was no bleeding.

The product’s site claims, “Rich color. Shines. Smoothes,” in which I agree. The gloss wasn’t sticky whatsoever, thank goodness. The consistency wasn’t too thick, but thick enough to do the job of a good, moisturizing lip gloss. The color was surprisingly strong for a gloss and lasted a good several hours. The shine of the gloss was absolutely perfect as well. The gloss wasn’t anything out of the ordinary when it came to food and liquid contact.

I was most surprised with the removal of the gloss. Usually, gloss doesn’t come off in one, quick swipe. This Extraordinaire gloss, however, came off swiftly and didn’t leave awkward streaky marks, like many red lip colors may. In my past experiences with red lip color, most red lipsticks and glosses leave awkward streaky stains. This Extraordinaire gloss lives up to its name. If I wiped off all the product, it would literally all come off my lips. If I dabbed at my lips with a tissue, it would leave an even stain! Thank goodness for no awkward streaks! I was so happy that this gloss left my lips feeling smooth after I took it off instead of it just feeling dry and scaly.

I came to a conclusion that this lip gloss is best used over lip liner and/or lipstick. I’ll definitely be using this Extraordinaire gloss again and often. The moisturizing product and shine factor makes me like it a lot. I’d also definitely try this same product in different colors.

So what do you think of this product?


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