Ofra Universal Eyebrow Pencil

Let’s talk about eyebrows. My eyebrows are naturally bleach blonde (even though my natural hair color is a dirty, ashy blonde.) I don’t fill in my eyebrows like many of you do, I draw on my eyebrows. πŸ˜› My hair is dyed brown, and to better frame my face (and match this hair color) I’ve been coloring in my eyebrows for years. I got this Ofra eyebrow pencil as a sample in my Ipsy monthly subscription box. (Subscribe here!)
photo 1The product’s website claims this product, ” is called Universal Eyebrow Pencil for a reason as it is one color to suit all skin tones.” I didn’t know this and I’m not sure what to think about it. All I know is that the color worked perfectly for me.
photo 2
Let me show you how I do my brows. This first photo is of my natural brows:
photo 3
First, I take the eyebrow pencil and draw 3 lines. the first is nearest my inner eye, the second is where the arch will be, and the third is where the eyebrow ends toward the outside of my face. I acquired this eyebrow drawing method via a YouTube beauty guru; I’m not sure which one, but I know I follow a handful of them.
photo 4
My finished brow looks like this:
This product is very easy to use. Eyebrow pencils are my absolute favorite tool to use when doing my eyebrows. I’m skeptical about eyebrow powders only because like I said before, I don’t fill in my brows, I draw them in. I feel as if a brush and powder won’t suffice to create strong lines.

This product was very waxy. In my experience, waxy eyebrow pencils haven’t been the best for me personally. (You can open up a makeup drawer of mine and there are several eyebrow pencil failures I’ve saved up. Maybe that’ll be for another blog post.) The only difference between the failure eyebrow pencils and this one is that those were twist-up mechanical pencils, this one is a wooden pencil. In this case, old school is better. Wooden eyebrow pencils have always worked best for me because I have more precision and sharpness to work with, which I like.

The website claims this product will produce long-lasting results, in which I agree. My normal eyebrow pencil doesn’t feel waxy one bit. This one was annoying at first because of the slight waxiness to it, but it grew on me. I believe the wax in the formula makes the product stay on my brows for a longer period of time, in which I am thankful. The downfall of this waxiness is having to sharpen the pencil more often. I can go with a non-waxy eyebrow pencil and not sharpen ’til maybe the fifth use. This one? Oh! I was sharpening after one eyebrow was finished! That ticked me off. I think it’s because I have to do softer strokes with this pencil than with the non-waxy pencil. This makes the brows look slightly lighter and doesn’t use up much formula as with a heavy stroke.

I love how pigmented this product is! My favorite part is how long lasting it is. I’d definitely buy another Ofra eyebrow pencil and would recommend it to others.

Anyone else use Ofra before? Your thoughts?


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