Not a Martini, But Close

Did someone say, “martini?” Well, this isn’t a martini. It’s Nailtini, my new nail polish.
photo 1
I got this nail polish as a sample in one of my Ipsy subscription boxes. (Become a member here!)photo 4The shade I got was “champagne.”
photo 3photo 2
Let me explain how I do my nails. First, I put on a base coat. Next, I swipe on a layer of a nail strengthener. I do 1-3 coats of color depending on the thickness, shade and texture of the polish. Last, I use a layer of top coat.
photo 5
This Nailtini polish in champagne was a very intriguing color. It looks lighter in sunlight compared to artificial lights. The texture was smooth and the color consistency was fair. The formula itself wasn’t too thick or too thin. The brush was a good size and the wand was a good length. I didn’t have any trouble with the application formula-wise. Product-wise, the bristles on the brush gave me a bit of a difficult time. As you see below, a few bristles stuck out, which made the painting process a bit slower than usual and a little challenging in terms of outcome.
photo 6Other than that, I had no other big complaints about this product. The polish lasted for about a week before any chipping happened.

Let’s look at the outcome, shall we? This first photo is of the polish under artificial lighting:
photo 7
The second photo is of the polish in direct sunlight:photo 8Either or, they’re both gorgeous. Yay, Nailtini! Now, let’s pop some champagne, shall we? Or maybe whip up a martini? πŸ˜‰


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