Scrub a Dub Dub

Scrub that flaky, dead skin away! Let’s talk about this Suki face cleanser sample!

photo 2

I got this sample from my Birchbox subscription box. (Subscribe here!) I like the compact packaging and was excited to try this cleanser. I fell in love with the lemon scent at first whiff. Looking at the product itself, I was intrigued by the bubbles in the formula. It reminded me of champagne.
photo 4When I dipped my finger into the pot to scoop up some product, I was surprised by the texture. It wasn’t smooth or liquified like most cleansers, but it resembled a face scrub.
photo 3As soon as the product met my water-dampened face, I could definitely tell it was a scrub. The “cleanser” label confused me for a moment. The product lathered up quickly on my face, and I could feel the tiny beads in the product working to cleanse my face.

This “foaming cleanser” wasn’t what I expected. I’d call it a “semi-foaming face scrub” instead. It was definitely a great scrub for exfoliating, though! After I rinsed off the product, which didn’t take much effort, my face felt instantly refreshed. I think the citrus scent helped make the product amazing.

The scrub did a great job of taking away dry skin, leaving my face squeaky clean and smooth. Since it was like the texture of all other scrubs I’ve tried, it dried my face after I rinsed the product off. I’d recommend a moisturizer after washing your face. I’m really excited to use this product again! It’s not a daily thing for me, since I don’t want to dry my face out too much. I love love love it, though!

The only thing that would make it even better would be the packaging. Although the pot is super cute, it’s not super convenient. I found myself reaching back for more, but my hands were covered in the product already and I didn’t want to get my counter and the pot all messy. If it was in a squeeze tube for easy access, we’d be talking business. πŸ™‚

Have you guys tried this product before? Have you tried other Suki products? I think I’d love to try more.


2 thoughts on “Scrub a Dub Dub

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