A Spritz Here and a Spray There

I love perfume. The only thing I hate about it is sometimes it’s difficult to carry perfume with you throughout your day. Yes, there are rollerballs and mini bottles, but sometimes those run out and you can’t fill them back up again. I was super excited when I found this atomizer on Sephora‘s website a while back.

photo 1Let me show you how it works.

It’s a little bigger than the normal mini perfume sample bottle, but it holds a good amount of perfume and it fits in the palm of your hand. It comes in various different colors, but I got the purple one on sale for $7!photo 4
This is what the back of the packaging looks like. I was surprised that it was a universal atomizer. I’m glad because that means I can use it for perfumes and body sprays. I also like how it tells you it holds ~55 sprays.
photo 2
These are the directions that come with the atomizer. It was very easy to understand and there were photos that were helpful too.
photo 3
First, you flip the atomizer upside down like this:
photo 5
Then, you unscrew the bottom cap, where you’ll see a white silicone tube. You’ll spray the perfume into the white tube. Take it slow! It took me a few tries until I got the right angle. Perfume may spray everywhere but inside the white tube the first few sprays, so beware!
photo 6
Although the directions tell you to stop filling the atomizer when you see the perfume level get closer to the top, I couldn’t see that because my atomizer isn’t clear, it’s purple. So the ~55 spray count was a helpful tip.
photo 7
I’ve used the atomizer a few times already when I was out, and I loved it! It’s definitely handy and I’m so glad I bought it for such a bargain! What do you guys think? Have you tried another atomizer you like better?


3 thoughts on “A Spritz Here and a Spray There

  1. 55 sprays means it’s about 5.5ml in capacity. πŸ™‚
    I think $7 is overpriced if you have many perfumes to decant as the bottle itself should not be reused for other fragrances.

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