Polish for Your Fingers, Paint for Your Walls

Have you ever worn a specific nail polish color over and over again because it was your favorite? Now you can paint your walls with your favorite shade of nail polish! No, not with the actual nail polish and tiny little brush. (Ha! Imagine…) OPI collaborated with Clark + Kensington and made paint for your walls in the shade of OPI nail polish colors.
OPI paintI think I need to take a visit to Ace Hardware to search for this paint! Swatches!

Talk about “glamour by the gallon!” I first heard about this collaboration in a TV commercial. When I searched for it online, I found an Allure article about it.

Now, it looks like you may not be able to paint your walls your ABSOLUTE FAVORITE OPI shade, since the shades that have been turn into wall paints are limited, but I’m sure you can find a brilliant one in the selection available.

I don’t have any walls to paint at the moment, but in the future, I think I’ll keep this in mind. In fact, just thinking about it, I think I have some ideas of what I’d like to see in a future apartment.

I LOVE this “Do You Lilac It?” shade! I can see it in a bedroom for sure πŸ™‚ I’ve always loved blues for bathrooms, so I’d love to see this “Let’s Have a Party” shade in a bathroom setting. Yellow is supposed to be a color that makes you feel hungry, so I’d love to see this vibrant yellow in a kitchen! It’s called, “Cymbidium Orchid.” I like this soft shade called, “My Very First Knockwurst.” I think it may be too much for a living room, but hey, who knows! Quite girly, but it might just do.

I think this calls for some inspiration searching on Pinterest. What do you think? Would you consider using these OPI inspired paints for your walls?


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