Feelin’ Like a Bombshell, Or Nahh?

Let me tell you about how I didn’t feel like a bombshell while wearing this mascara.

Bombshell MascaraI got this mascara in my Ipsy glambag. Subscribe to Ipsy here!

Bombshell Mascara OpenI’m sure some people can “be a bombshell” with this mascara, but I’m not one of those people. There are two reasons behind this. First, the formula, and second, the brush.

The formula was SO DRY. I was surprised! The mascara wasn’t old but it felt SUPER old. Product fallout would keep getting onto my eyeballs! :/ Upsetting. It took me forever to get this mascara to stick onto my lashes. I kept applying the product swipe after swipe for it to actually stay. In the end, by the middle of my day, some product would be gone from my lashes! I was surprised. I mean, it isn’t a waterproof formula, but even other non-waterproof mascaras have stayed on my lashes the whole day.

As for the brush, I have very short, straight lashes. I need a brush that will help to lift my lashes. Yes, I do use an eyelash curler, but a volumizing mascara with a helpful brush would’ve been handy here. This brush was of a good size, the bristles just didn’t do anything for my lashes. If the bristles were thinner or more spread out, maybe that would’ve helped.

The two photos below are of the mascara on my eyelashes:

Bombshell Mascara on Eye Closed


Bombshell Mascara on Eye OpenI definitely didn’t feel like a bombshell wearing this mascara 😦 I’m sad the product didn’t live up to its name. I’m sure it may have worked for others. It just didn’t work for me.

Have you used this product before? What are your thoughts?


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