Garnier 5 Second Blur

I got a small sample of Garnier’s 5 Second Blur in an issue of my Allure magazine.

ProductThe sample was small, but had enough product in it to be used twice. I was surprised at how smooth and creamy the product was upon application. This product did all that the ad claimed it to do.

AdIt reduced the size of my pores (temporarily.) It reduced the visibility of my wrinkles, It blurred imperfections on my face, and it also had a matte finish, which cleared away any shininess left on my face.

This product was interesting because it looked like there was a light, white, filmy product spread over my face after I put it on. I could definitely see myself using this as both a moisturizer after washing my face as well as a concealer or even a foundation replacement.

The product felt very light and airy, like I wasn’t wearing any product whatsoever. I love that feeling! The only negative thing I had to say about this product is that it left my face quite oily a few hours later. Other than that, I’d like to experiment more with this product.

What do you think? Have you tried this Garnier 5 Second Blur before?


One thought on “Garnier 5 Second Blur

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