Blue Monkey Coconut Milk Beverage

I’m a huge fan of coconut water. There are times where I’ll suddenly feel very parched. It takes a lot of water to quench my thirst during these times, but a few sips of coconut water will fix it instantly.

I got this Blue Monkey coconut milk beverage that looked interesting.

photo 1It’s organic and lactose free. It’s not like regular milk or coconut water. It’s a bit of an in-between of the two products.

photo 2photo 3I’m not really sure what I was expecting, but what I got surprised me. I didn’t really like the taste of it. It was very bland. It tasted like very watery milk with coconut flavoring in it. There were also small bits of coconut floating in the drink. It didn’t taste as smooth and thin as coconut water. It didn’t taste as flavorful and thick as milk is. It was an awkward in-between, like I mentioned before.

As you can see, the coloring is interesting too. It isn’t pure white like milk is, but it isn’t close to the clear side like coconut water is.

photo 4I drank half the can and that was more than enough for me. I won’t be purchasing this product again. The drink wasn’t good but it wasn’t horrible. I’m sure there are people who like the taste of it, I just can’t do it. I think I’ll stick with either just milk or just coconut water, no in-between at all.


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