To Veil or Unveil?

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Do you plan on wearing a veil on your wedding day? I’ve spoken to many brides-to-be who have told me different things when it comes to a wearing veil with their wedding dress. Some say it’s a tradition in their family. Others say they don’t see a point in wearing one, or they wouldn’t want to because it would cover an intricate design on the back of their dress. So what’s the point of a veil anyway? And is there really a tradition of wearing one?

blusher veils Created with StyleChat

There are many traditions of wearing a veil.  Research shows a veil means something different based on cultures and beliefs. According to, a bride wears a veil to be hidden from evil spirits because she’s vulnerable. Maybe it’s called a veil because it conceals a face. Roman brides wore flame-colored veils to scare off spirits. A veil can also…

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