Dream of Doves

Often times, I find it a bit irritating during fall and winter, or when it’s chilly out, to find an outfit to wear. Why? Well, I feel sometimes it’s difficult to show off some style or even look cute when you’re all bundled up. This look is of one of my most unique sweaters and a chunky medallion necklace. I think it’s quite the combination, but somehow, it works.

gray-sweater-calvin-klein-sweater_400Sweater: Calvin Klein
Shirt: Target
Jeans: Aeropostale
Boots: White Mountain
Necklace: Nordstrom Rack
All photos by Basil Sar Photography

Yes, even though it was a gray and gloomy day out, I wore dark colors. I don’t do this often. I just thought this was an interesting pairing.

I got this Calvin Klein sweater and was super excited. I thought it was one of the most unique things I’d ever seen! It looks like a vest from behind because it’s sleeveless. It has a long cowl neck which looks like a scarf, especially since it’s knitted. It has buttons down the front bottom half. & It’s also got pockets. Comfort central! Every time I wear this sweater, I get people doing double takes, or people staring at it intently, or just people asking me what I’m wearing and where I got it. I like wearing clothes that spark conversations.

This necklace makes me feel like Flavor Flav since it’s such a huge medallion. 😛 I love the dove though. It’s also a statement piece which people ask about constantly. It’s a kaleidoscope, you see. If you look past the dove, and twist the medallion side to side, you’ll get that kaleidoscope-like feeling as you see shapes and colors twist and turn.

It’s safe to say, my cold-weather wardrobe has been revamped with unique statement pieces like these two.


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