Pineapples Aren’t Just For Eating

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Pineapples are juicy fruits popular during the spring and summer seasons. Not only can they be consumed in drinks, cakes, and burgers, but those who are fashion conscious have been incorporating pineapples onto their outfits.

No, don’t start carrying around the fruit itself, and please don’t try wearing sliced pineapple rings. We’re talking about pineapple-printed clothing items, pineapple-shaped jewelry, and pineapple accessories.

Why the sudden pineapple trend? Who knows?! Pineapples are popping up everywhere. You may not want to buy a dozen pineapples at once, but we’ve got a dozen ways you can add a little bit of pineapple into your wardrobe.

Created With The StyleChat App Created With The StyleChat App

  1. What time is it? Pineapple time! Keep track of the time with this cute pineapple-printed watch. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, so plan to add a slice of pineapple to your margarita tonight.
  2. Studded earrings are too cute. Attach a pair of pineapples…

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