Sunshine Yogurt

I like looking at and eating pretty food. Just recently, I started putting together pretty food. Let’s talk about this pretty sunshine yogurt you can have for breakfast or as a snack.
photo 1

The meal you see in the photo above is mango flavored Greek yogurt. It’s very sweet, so I thought it’d pair well with some tart strawberries. The pairing makes a very refreshing breakfast!

The yogurt you see in the photo below is a pomegranate flavored Greek yogurt. It’s thick and on the plain side, so I paired it with a few sweet strawberries and crunchy chia seeds for a sweet and satisfying snack.

photo 2

The dish you see below is a plain Greek yogurt. It has a good consistency, but is very tart. I paired this one with tart strawberries for just an extra kick to my tastebuds. There are chopped walnuts on top. If you want something less sweet, go for something like this. If you want to sweeten something tart, add something like bananas or blueberries to the mix.


This last dish you see is for those who like fruit and all things sweet. I used plain Greek yogurt, with strawberries, bananas, a grape, and blueberries. The sweetness in the fruits made the plain yogurt flavorful. Definitely good for when my sweet tooth is craving a treat.



Toppings of your choice (optional; see last three photos)


STEP 1: Scoop 1/2 cup to 1 cup of yogurt of your choice into the middle of a bowl
STEP 2: Slice strawberries
STEP 3: Place strawberries around the perimeter of the yogurt blob
STEP 4: (Optional) Sprinkle any toppings on top of your yogurt.
STEP 5: Eat! 🙂


I love this simple recipe 🙂 I think I’ll play around with more toppings like chopped walnuts, almond slices, and who knows what else! Let me know what you think!

Bon appétit!


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