Business and Pleasure

When you’re on vacation, you normally go for either business or pleasure. In this case, I went for a bit of both.



Dress: Amy Byer
Flats: Classified
Glasses: Chanel
Photo by Carolyn Seng

Can you guess where I’m standing? OK, maybe that’s too difficult of a question…Well I’ll tell you anyway. Most of you may already know my OOTD posts are from when I first started OOTDs, so that means they aren’t up-to-date, or “in real time.” This photo is from March haha πŸ˜› I’ll catch up soon, I promise! It’ll just take some time. And don’t worry, I’ll fill you in when I get there.

In this photo, I’m standing on the balcony of a hotel room at the Catamaran Resort Hotel & SpaΒ in San Diego, California.Β Why was I in San Diego in March? Well, I’ll save that for a full San Diego trip blog post later on. (Why am I even delaying longer, the trip was in March…) For now, those of you who don’t know me well will just have to wait and wonder.

Talk about a cute business dress though πŸ˜‰


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