What’s in my Makeup Bag?

With all of these makeup and skincare product reviews I’ve been doing, I thought I’d show you my makeup bag, or the inside of it at least, because that’s a bit more exciting.
photo 2So you see two bags in the photo above. Why? I keep one bag at home and take one with me. Why? I only take what I deem necessities. There are a lot of products to go over, so let’s start!

To make this an easier read, I’ve split the photo in half. For the left half…
photo 3I got the makeup bag you see in the photo above from Sephora. I carry a mini bottle of up&up nasal spray with me wherever I go. This will save me if my nasal passages become dry suddenly. To the right of that, you’ll see a small, black Lancome eyeshadow palette with four different shades in it. I use the dark brown (bottom left) to add some dark color into my eyebrows and the nude (bottom right) as a highlighter on my eyelids. To the right of that, you’ll see a simple eyelash curler. I have no idea where I purchased it, actually. Either Forever 21 or Target. If we keep going down, you’ll see tweezers, most likely from Target or CVS. You’ll see a NYX eyeshadow palette to the left of it. Sometimes I’ll carry this with me, but I normally don’t. Only because the shadows are all shimmers and I prefer mattes (like the Lancome shadow palette, which I always carry with me.) Right against the palette, you’ll see a thin Sephora eyeliner brush. That goes along with the Clinique eyeliner pot next to it (sorry about the glare on the pot from the light.) You’ll then see a small black eyeshadow brush. I actually use this to apply some brown eyeshadow onto my eyebrows. (I fill in my brows with an eyebrow pencil first, and then put the brown eyeshadow over it to set the color.) Over that brush, you’ll see a colorful Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow brush. I use that with the nude Lancome eyeshadow to its left as a highlighter on my eyelids. To the right, you’ll see an eyebrow brush. These 3 items are ones I don’t keep with me all the time. To the right of that, you’ll see a Bare Essentials concealer with a corresponding concealer brush below it. To the left of that is a Bare Essentials foundation pot with a corresponding foundation brush below it. If your gaze goes up slightly, you’ll see a colorful Sonia Kashuk blending brush. I use that with the NYX eyeshadow. To the right of that, you’ll see a brown OFRA eyebrow pencil next to a blonde bobby pin. Below those, you’ll see a small tube of face moisturizer. I keep this with me wherever I go in case my face gets dry. To its right is an Arbonne face primer. I keep that at home. I basically take things with me I’ll use again throughout the day to either reapply or freshen up my makeup.
Moving on with the second half of the photo…
photo 4At the top center, you’ll see a Lancome shimmer blush. Below it is a Bare Essentials blush brush. I leave these two items at home. What I take with me is to the left of that brush. It’s a mini W3ll People blush that can also be doubled up as a lip balm. Below that is a black Urban Decay eyeliner I use to tight line my eyes. Below that is the Miss Manga mascara. Below that is a Purlisse face moisturizer, which stays at home. To its right is a black Bare Essentials makeup bag I keep at home. I like it because it’s large enough to store items, it has a hard bottom, and it has a built-in mirror. Above that is a Lancome makeup remover. I keep this at home. I’ve had bad luck with traveling with this makeup remover because the formula spills out of the bottle. Such a shame. it’s my favorite makeup remover of all time. To its left is a Lancome pencil sharpener, which I also keep at home. To the left of that is a bronzer brush. I use the Bare Essentials bronzer you see next to the brush. I keep both these items at home. Above that is a CoverGirl translucent powder. I use this to set my eyebrows and foundation. Next to it is my large powder brush. I keep both these items at home.

Now, I’ve got all my bases covered! Any questions? Haha feel free to ask me anything 🙂 I just thought I’d share what I have in my makeup bag. Also, feel free to leave product recommendations! 🙂


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