Heat Wave Book Review

Let’s talk about Heat Wave. Nope, not talking about the weather here. I’m talking about the book called Heat Wave by Richard Castle. (Add me on GoodReads here!)

Before I start talking about the book, I need to talk about a TV show. I started watching the Castle TV series when it first came out. I fell in love with it! But then again, I love cop/detective/medical shows. I think I just like the mystery in it all. Anyways, the TV series is about Richard Castle, a mystery writer who shadows Kate Beckett, a homicide detective. It turns out he’s pretty helpful to Beckett’s team of detectives at the precinct. Castle writes a series of books about a detective named Nikki Heat. And that’s where our story begins.

The Nikki Heat series is basically about Castle’s experience solving cases with Beckett and her team. You can definitely read the books without watching the TV series and vice versa.

heat wave15/5 stars

The main character in this book is NYPD Homicide Detective Nikki Heat (AKA Kate Beckett.) Celebrity journalist Jameson Rook (AKA Richard Castle) has a deal with the mayor that he’d be able to follow Heat and her team around as insight for an article he’s writing about NYC’s top homicide squad.

If you’re familiar with the TV series Castle, you’ll recognize more characters than just a double of Castle and Beckett. Detective Raley (AKA Kevin Ryan) and Detective Ochoa (AKA Javier Esposito) are known as “Roach” in the book. I just about died laughing because I LOVE Ryan and Esposito as a duo on the show! πŸ™‚ The author portrayed them well.

Captain Montrose (AKA Captain Montgomery) is present in the book as well as medical examiner Lauren (AKA Lanie.) A duo missing in the book (well the first book at least, but I don’t think the author would mention them suddenly in the second book or later…) are Castle’s daughter Alexis and mother Martha.

OK, now that you’re situated with characters…

This book is about the sudden death of a prominent real estate man, Matthew Starr. Heat and Roach all gather on scene to try to solve this crime, with the help of Rook.

The Starr homicide is very interesting and intriguing, but of course what I was most interested in was the relationship between Rook and Heat and Rook and Heat’s team.

Roach had me dying the whole time. I”d love to have them two as best friends or work buddies.

heat waveRook seemed as charming as ever! What surprised me most was the chemistry between him and Heat. I mean, in the show you can see the sexual tension and how great they work together. But in the book, ohΒ  my goodness. I didn’t expect a few things to happen!


Rook and Heat have sex. I mean yeah, that happens on the show too, but not as quickly on the show as it did in the first book of the Nikki Heat series! Lol I was just a bit taken aback. I love them two together as a couple though, not going to lie.

I love Heat’s character. She’s a strong, independent woman who can fight for herself. Rook is such a mysterious character. He’s intelligent and could’ve been a detective in another life.

The book kept me on my toes. I enjoyed the author’s writing style, though I did catch a few typos and errors in print here and there.

That’s another thing which is a big mystery, who’s really the author? It’s obviously not Richard Castle because Castle is a TV character. I doubt it’s Nathan Fillion, the actor who plays Castle. My best bet is that it’s a ghostwriter. Obviously, since the author of the book just says, “Richard Castle.”

In the end, I’d definitely recommend this book! And the Castle TV series πŸ™‚ I’m already on the second Nikki Heat book….haha! πŸ™‚


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