Yanqina 36H Waterproof Eyeliner from Malaysia

I got this eyeliner as a souvenir from Malaysia. Let me tell you how upset I am about this little thing right here.
photo 2
photo 1
photo 3

Looks fine, right? Of course it does. Did it work well on me? Haha no. No way. This thing gave me hell.

I already knew at the start, I’d have trouble. Felt tip eyeliners have never worked well on me. They’re OK, but after a long period of time or continuous use, it’ll irritate the hell out of my eyelids. So from the start this eyeliner and I didn’t have a good relationship. After trying it once, it was OK. It just didn’t work like I wanted it to. I had to layer another eyeliner product over this one, but I went with it. By the end of the day, the makeup was ehhh.

The second time I used it? Ha! I couldn’t even get more of the product on my eyelids the second time. This is what it looked like:
photo 4I just lined my eyes normally but the product would just slip off my eyelids. If this product is supposed to be “waterproof,” it sure isn’t tear-proof. This is the reason why I had to fill in the spaces with a different eyeliner the first time I tried this product. Because it just wouldn’t stay! It happened the third time I used it too. And I’m not going to use this eyeliner just to swipe on another over it. So I tossed it. I couldn’t use it. It made my eyes tear up more in the end because of the formula.
photo 5Yes, Β the felt tip brush was soft, and yes the product claimed to be waterproof, and yes it apparently was cheap in Malaysia. That didn’t sell it for me though. The application was really watery. Too watery. I just don’t understand how it was so difficult to apply this product the closer I got to my lash line! I mean, I tight lined my eyes beforehand too!

The product was semi-pigmented on my lids just because it kept moving around so much. Overall, it was just really annoying. After the liquidy formula finally dried, it became crusty! What is this?! Too liquidy at first and then too dry after. There is no middle ground!

I’m sorry, but when a super wet eyeliner gets into my eyeballs and sting them, that’s strike one. When the formula can’t mix together well to layer or blend, that’s strike two. And when the formula dries up so crusty that bits fall onto my eyeball, that’s strike three. IT’S OUT.

Has anyone had a good experience with this thing? I definitely didn’t. I know a few family members of mine have had different experiences. One broke out into a weird rash after using it for several days in a row. But another was absolutely fine. What gives?


7 thoughts on “Yanqina 36H Waterproof Eyeliner from Malaysia

  1. I just ordered this and it came today. I tried it on and it was honestly fabulous. I’m 56 years old and I’ve tried virtually every brand on the market. I buy lots of high end stuff, but I’m not a makeup snob. So I’ll try anything that works well. I liked it so much that I’m online to buy more. That’s how I found your blog. I’ll give it a few more hours to see if I have the same experience as you did, but as of now ( a half hour after applying it), I’m in love.

  2. You know, I love this eyeliner, but my mom doesn’t, she had the same problem as you, that is because her eyelids tend to get oily (my brother have the same issue) so the only way she can use eyeliner is by putting some translucid powder on her eyelids before using eyeliner, hope it helps πŸ™‚

  3. I just bought this eyeliner and have used it twice now and love it. It does take a steady hand to apply, but it is intense and doesn’t budge until I rub it off with a moist towelette. Even if I rub my eyes a bit while dry-it doesn’t move!

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