NYX: Love In Rio “Meet Me At The Copa” Eyeshadow Review

I don’t wear eyeshadow often, but when I do, I normally wear brown. Brown eyeshadow is my absolute favorite! That’s why I was so excited when I got this NYX palette from Ipsy. (Subscribe here!)
photo 1

I thought the packaging was cute. I really liked the bow! Can you spot it? It’s on the cap of the palette. I’m not a fan of the eyeshadow wand, so I just used my own and kept this one for if I ever needed it in the future.
photo 3
photo 2Also, the palette didn’t have a mirror, which sucked 😦

But as for the eyeshadow itself, I liked it. I used my own blending brush to do a brown smoky eye.
photo 5I thought they were the perfect shades of brown and nude. All the shadows were shimmers, which is perfect for a nighttime makeup look. Definitely wear a primer underneath so it doesn’t smear and smudge after a few hours.
photo 4I’ll use this palette again, but probably not on an everyday basis since it’s a shimmer shadow palette. I prefer matte shadows.

What do you think of this brand/shadow?

[Disclaimer: The statements made about this product are all my opinions. I am not endorsing or sponsoring this product for the ipsy brand.]


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