So You Wanna Be A #GIRLBOSS?

By now, you’ve probably heard of a book called #GIRLBOSS, right? Well if you haven’t, look it up. Or, just read this book review.

18667945#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

5/5 stars

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Sophia Amoruso is the founder and CEO of a company called Nasty Gal.

There are so many reasons why I decided to purchase and read this book.
1: There’s a hashtag in the title
2: Sophia is a young, female CEO
3: I kept hearing amazing things about this book
4: It’s about fashion and how the struggle is so real
5: I want to learn how to become a #GIRLBOSS

#GIRLBOSS is about how Sophia started Nasty Gal from the ground and just kept building and expanding.

Sophia makes a point to tell readers she wasn’t handed this position and truly worked her ass off to get to where she is today.

She talks about her childhood and her schooling (or lack thereof.) She makes a point to tell readers how there truly isn’t a straight and narrow path to take to get to where you want to be in life. She talks about the obstacles she’s overcome.

It was great hearing about Nasty Gal from the beginning stages and then seeing it online now.

IMG_8355Sophia is truly an inspiration. She’s proof that you don’t need an Ivy League education or a billion bucks to start a business or be at your  dream job.

Not only is this book about Sophia’s life and the Nasty Gal company, but Sophia gives readers tips and tricks. She talk about school, friends, jobs…just a little bit of everything.

I read #GIRLBOSS on my Kindle and I honestly loved her tips a lot. They were truly helpful. I think I used my highlighting tool on the device more while reading this book than any other book.

I’d love to meet Sophia one day. She seems like someone who I’d instantly become friends with after a quick conversation. At the same time, she seems like a CEO who knows what she’s doing. I mean, look at how far Nasty Gal has come! OK, maybe you have to read #GIRLBOSS to truly understand what I mean by that statement.

I finished reading this book in 2 days. I couldn’t put it down!

You go, #GIRLBOSS!

Not only did I love the content in #GIRLBOSS, but the book layout was fabulous.

There were some great sayings at the beginning of each chapter. Here’s one of them:
Not only did the chapter titles lure me into wanting to read it ASAP, but each chapter had a corresponding quote, which was nice:
The stories weren’t always about Sophia. She had excerpts from other #GIRLBOSSES throughout the book. I loved this! What you see in the photo below is an excerpt from the Man Repeller herself, Leandra Medine! (Totally going to read her book next…)
I thought it was a nice touch that Sophia included childhood photos in her book. It shows a connection between her and her readers:

Ok, enough being a fan girl 😛 Let’s just say I loved loved loved this book! Now I gotta go out there and become a #GIRLBOSS. Thanks for writing this book, Sophia. Now I can’t wait to do what I can to make my dreams come true…and shop on Nasty Gal. 😉



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