Are You A Man Repeller?

I’ve wanted to read this book for months, and I finally got the chance. I probably should’ve read it sooner. I liked it so much, I finished it in just 2 days! Kind of like #GIRLBOSS…interesting.

17333432Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls. by Leandra Medine of Man Repeller

5/5 stars

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The title of this book is what lured me into reading it in the first place. “Man Repeller. Hmm. Is the author one of those? Am I one of those? I guess I better read the book and find out…”

Going into the book, I just assumed Leandra was another girl interested in fashion. Instead of super girly clothes, she was just a tomboy. I had no idea she was a journalist!

I’ve had a thing recently with falling in love with books written by journalists. I’ve read a lot of ethnographies written by journalists. So yes, I did fall in love with this book as well.

I found myself relating to Leandra at different times throughout this book.

She talks about her childhood leading up to where she is today. She talks about fashion, style, trends. She talks about different body types, body image, fat and skinny, sexy and not sexy. She talks about love and lust, being single and being in a relationship. Girl problems, guy problems, just almost everything under the sun.

IMG_8371Right before this book, I read #GIRLBOSS. In that book, I read about how money is better in your bank than on your feet. In  Man Repeller, I read about how money looks so good on your feet. Especially since Leandra is like a mini Carrie Bradshaw with her shoes! I love it! ❤ I mean, even for her to be called “the real Carrie Bradshaw” by a  random stranger. Swoon! Lol

I appreciate Leandra’s writing even more knowing that she’s a journalist. I mean she truly tells it like it is. I love it. Punchy. At the same time, she’s a great storyteller. She has such a great capability to lure in her readers. Bravo!

She wove in pieces of her story from childhood to present day perfectly. The majority of the book goes in chronological order, but she throws in bits and pieces here and there to truly tie in her story and complete it. I appreciate amazing writing skills and storytelling abilities.

I mean, who has the ability to talk about Aunt Flow so openly? Not many people. I related to Leandra so much! I loved reading Man Repeller. Laughs and smiles all around.

I’d recommend this book to those who are obsessed with fashion as well as those who sometimes feel like the ugly ducking, a tomboy, or just a bit odd/eccentric compared to everyone else.

And for fellow man repellers out there, I won’t spoil it, but the ending was surprising to me! I think it’ll surprise you too. It gives me hope, most of all. ❤


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