Naked Heat Book Review

If you haven’t already, it may make a bit more sense for you to read my Heat Wave book review before you dive into this Naked Heat book review. Why? Because Naked Heat is book #2 in the Nikki Heat series. (Follow me on Goodreads here!)



Naked Heat by Richard Castle

4/5 stars

What can I say? I was so drawn into Rook and Nikki’s story from book one that I just had to dive into book two. I had to know what happened next.

Maybe that’s because I’m a Castle TV series fan. Maybe I see it all in a different light. Either way, props to this ghostwriter, I was hooked.

There’s still a flame between Nikki and Rook, but is it the same as the first book? Is there something or someone who will tear them apart?

Let’s be honest, I love a great mystery, but I also love a little romance thrown into it as well. I think that’s why I love the TV series so much! Nikki and Rook’s relationship develops, and so do a couple more relationships in the book.

Unlike the first book, readers get introduced to Rook’s mother in this second book. However, there’s no sign of his daughter in the second book, so I assume she’s not going to suddenly appear in the third book…but I’ll keep you posted once I get my paws on it and start reading 😉

Readers get introduced to many different characters this time around when Nikki, Roach and Rook solve the murder of a gossip columnist.

IMG_8204Now why would anyone want to kill a gossip columnist? Well, you can probably guess the many reasons why.

I was surprised with this book. The mystery kept me on my toes, just like the first book. I was intrigued with a few different characters, such as Cassidy and the Texan.

Not only did the characters get me wanting to read more and more of the story, but the mystery itself did. There’s something about the way this ghostwriter writes. It allures the reader.

I admire mystery writers. They do something with their words that I’ve never been able to do. The way they perfect their craft is amazing. I’ve always been surprised and satisfied with a good mystery.

Just like the TV series where each episode is a different murder case, each book is a different murder case. I’m not as excited to read the third book as I was the first and this second one. I think the only reason I’m going to is because I already have the third book and I want to read more about the Nikki and Rook relationship development. Their relationship in the book is so similar yet different from the TV show. I’m just super hooked.

I’d recommend the Nikki Heat book series (and Castle TV series) to anyone who likes a good mystery…and a little bit of romance too 😉 ❤



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