“Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?”

Have you ever asked yourself this question before? I thought it was a fabulous title for a book. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read this book at first. I didn’t know anything about Mindy Kaling other than she was an actress. I haven’t even seen The Office or The Mindy Project before. I’m actually really glad I read this book. I think you should read it too. Here’s why…

13532238Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling

4/5 stars

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Mindy Kaling. I’d love to have her as a BFF. She talks about her life from her childhood to adulthood. She’ll tell you about childhood friendships, crushes, and what she did for fun.

You’ll laugh, you’ll smile, you’ll nod your head in agreement and shake it in almost disbelief.

Mindy has a way with words, and tells it like it is.

My favorite part of the book was where she just got into her career phase. After her college days, she talks about friends, roommates, boys and jobs.

I have a feeling that I can relate to that part in her life because that’s where I’m at in my life. Just a recent college graduate trying to figure myself out. Trying to get a job in my field, but ending up with anything and everything else. Trying to figure out friendships and boys.

I don’t really know how else to describe this book other than to tell you it’s amazing. There’s anecdotes about Mindy’s life in it you’ll love.

There are a lot of comedy references I didn’t fully understand because I’m not a comedy buff. But I still enjoyed the book anyway.


I liked how she included photos in the book. My favorite were a set of selfies she took.

It was also nice to read of both her successes and failures. You often hear about celebrities’ successes and failures, but you don’t often get to hear their point of view. I enjoyed reading Mindy’s words because I felt like I was just reading her diary.

This book was a fun read both while I was on a train or in a coffee shop. The only thing is, it didn’t keep me as hooked as other books have. What I mean by this is, I could pick it up and put it down whenever. There wasn’t any great pull that kept me wanting to read it all in one sitting. But that isn’t a bad thing. I loved bringing my Kindle to the coffee shop during the early morning hours. I’d enjoy a cup of tea, a pastry, and laugh aloud at Mindy’s words. Much to everyone else’s surprise, yes, I do laugh aloud at books even when I’m in public. Hey, when it’s funny, it’s funny. πŸ˜›

I’d recommend this book to anyone who’s up for a good laugh. I’d also recommend it to hardworking young girls, and people who are into comedy. Oh, and the quiet and shy ones. That’s what I loved about Mindy’s stories. I felt like I could relate to a lot of them based on our personalities I’ll let you read it to find out what I mean.




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