What’s in My Gym Bag?

I’m sure you and I keep different things in our gym bags. Let me show you mine!

My gym bag is a yoga bag:
IMG_8164Why? I take it with me just in case I want to use it for a yoga/Pilates class or if I want to use it to stretch. You never know! Sometimes I’ll go to the gym with the mat intending to go to a class and use it. However, often times I’ll show up and end up wanting to do something else that doesn’t require a yoga mat. So because I’m super indecisive at the gym, I’ll bring the mat with me just in case. It never hurts to be safe! Plus, the black foam mats at the gym are too difficult to use by themselves for group exercise classes!

This is a close up of my Gaiam yoga bag:

IMG_8165It’s super roomy, snaps shut with 3 silver clips, and has an inner and outer pocket.

OK, now that we’ve got the bag down. Here’s what’s actually inside my gym bag:

(L-R, Top-Bottom)
Gaiam yoga bag
Gaiam yoga mat
Marika iPhone armband
Yoga Tune Up massage therapy balls
Hair tie
Pink piggy notepad
Sure deodorant
Clinique floral cosmetic bag (stores sunscreen + deodorant)
Bobby pin
Pink Tic Tacs
EOS summer fruit lip balm
Neutrogena sunscreen (body)
Benadryl allergy pill
Eyeglasses wipe
Purlisse sunscreen (face)
Harvey Prince Yogini mini perfume
SJSU water bottle

OK, so you may be wondering why I have odd items in my gym bag, haha. I keep whatever I find necessary. Hair accessories, are obviously for my hair. I keep Tic Tacs for my breath, sunscreen, deodorant and perfume so I don’t burn or smell like sweat…I guess the most odd items in this bag would probably be the pen and pad. Why? Well, why not? Don’t you ever have a thought pop up in your mind randomly that you don’t want to forget? Well, that’s what the notepad is for.

So, what’s in YOUR gym bag?


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