Agave Oil Hair Treatment

I was very excited to try this Agave Healing Oil Treatment for my hair.


I got this sample from Sephora.


The product smelled SO good! I just wanted to rub it all over my hair haha. The formula is clear and bit thick. It was very easy to work into my strands of hair.

This sample packaging was very easy to open. The application process was simple with this packaging, and it was a great way to use the product, and save the remainder of it for another day. That’s what I love about samples; if it comes in easy packaging, it’s great in my book. What I hate about samples is if it comes in cheap packaging; what I mean by cheap packaging is that you can only use it once and then most likely not another time because there’s no good way to seal the sample up again. But this agave oil sample came in a great package!

It varies on how many uses this sample yields based on how much of the product you personally want to use/how long your hair is.

My favorite thing about this product is that it smells AMAZING! It works well in smoothing out my hair! I’d definitely recommend it, and I’d buy it again in the future.


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