Lips Like Wine

No, not lips like sugar. Lips like wine.


I got this Hikari lipstick from an ipsy glambag. Subscribe to ipsy here!

The shade I got is called cabernet.

The lipstick definitely lives up to its name. What a rich, red wine lipstick! I LOVE this shade, so much! Can I seriously pair this lip color with a glass of wine? Yes, that would be amazing 😉


This lipstick is definitely my new go-to red! It’s smooth, super pigmented, and I seriously can’t say it enough, but I love love love this shade of red!

I’d definitely purchase this lipstick in the future and recommend it to others. I’m not sure if I like the formula or the color more, but they both work well for me! 🙂 I guess it’s just the combination then.

Have you tried Hikari products before? What do you think?

[Disclaimer: The statements made about this product are all my opinions. I am not endorsing or sponsoring this product for the ipsy brand.]


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