Wind? Can’t Do Much ‘Bout It

What do you do when you’re trying to take photos outside and it’s super windy? Well, just go with the flow. (Because if you go against it, everything will just look bad…)



Tank top: Banana Republic
Rose kimono: Miss Mag-iba
Pants: Old Navy
Sandals: Soda
Glasses: Chanel
Photo by Basil Sar Photography

I love love love this rose kimono! It is EVERYTHING! ❤ I seriously need to get more kimonos…

What do you guys think about kimonos? I love them because you can dress them up or down. You can wear them during the day or at night. I don’t know how I only have one because I probably wear this one way too often for its own good. Oh! It’s time to shop again 😉 Hehe


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