How to be a 20-Something

I was instantly intrigued with this book by just the title. (Follow me on Goodreads to keep up with what I’m reading!) It’s a collection of essays put together by two editors. I was a bit skeptical at first because for me, it’s always been a hit or a miss with essay collections. I talked myself into reading it because of the title, though. & I’m so glad I did!

16174589How to be a 20-Something by Thought Catalog editors Brandon Scott Gorrell and Stephanie Georgopulos

5/5 stars

This book has 19 stories about life as a 20-something. Good stories, bad ones, funny ones, and sad ones. I smiled and frowned and laughed and cried. This book was a gem!

I thought this was the perfect book to read since I’m an early 20-something.

I knew it was going to be good because I was already a fan of Thought Catalog, so I had faith in the editors to pick some amazing pieces to put into the book.

I understood some stories completely and didn’t understand others. I think depending on who is reading the book, they’ll feel differently to different stories because of their past experiences and where they stand currently.

It isn’t often that I’ll re-read a book. I’ll re-read children’s books because they’re adorable and fun. And then I’ll re-read my favorites, but only a few of my favorites. I think this book is definitely one I’ll re-read over and over again, especially while I’m still in my 20s.

Let me share a few of my favorite quotes with you:

IMG_8790“Be enough for yourself.”

“Love is not guaranteed. We are not owed love. That’s why when we get it, we know how lucky we are and hold onto it for dear life.”

“Let’s lose ourselves and find ourselves in a place with no Yelp reviews, no Google results, no Foursquare check-ins.”

I give props to the authors who wrote such touching stories. There were definitely parts of a few stories which I absolutely loved. There were then whole stories that I related to completely. The stories in this book touched my soul in a way most books couldn’t.

I’d recommend this book to 20-somethings, especially ones right out of college. Lose yourself. Find yourself. Read this book and feel all the feels I did. ❤


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