How to Wear Houndstooth this Fall

I’m baaack! Check out my latest blog post for StyleChat about houndstooth print!

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When I say the word “houndstooth,” the reaction I get is usually, “Huh?” Many people are familiar with the houndstooth print when they see it, but have no idea what it’s called.

This is what houndstooth print looks like:houndstooth3

Now you know what I’m talking about, right?

Although you can find many different colorful houndstooth prints, it is a classic, black and white, jagged-checkered print.

So why should you care? Houndstooth is a hot print this fall.

But how do you wear something so bold? Have no fear, we’ve got ideas on how to look your best in houndstooth print.

But why would you need tips on how to wear houndstooth?

Well, as much as we love Lady Gaga, this is what we want to stay away from when wearing houndstooth:

Yikes! This really is too much of a good thing at once.


You can totally wear all those houndstooth-printed…

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