Harvey Prince Hello Body Cream

I got a mini Harvey Prince Hello body cream from one of my monthly Birchboxes. (Subscribe to Birchbox here!)
IMG_7996I was hesitant to try this product at first. Why? I tried a Harvey Prince fragrance before that I didn’t like.

I was pleasantly surprised when I first used this body cream. A small dab goes a long way! Remember that. The scent is pretty strong. I’d say it’s borderline overwhelming. So definitely use a tiny bit! The people around you will definitely smell the scent! (Be careful when using it at work, especially if you work in an office around a lot of people.)

It’ll take me a while to use up this whole tube just because of how strong the fragrance is. It smells very good, though!

The formula is very smooth and moisturizing. I’ve been using a tiny dab after I wash my hands.

I’d recommend this body cream for those who like strong perfume scents. This one isn’t a favorite of mine, but I’ll keep it with me on-the-go if I don’t have another perfume with me.


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