All my Friends are Engaged

All my friends may not be engaged, but I thought I had to read a book with such an intriguing title. Follow me on Goodreads here to keep up with what I’m reading.


All my Friends are Engaged by Jen Glantz

4/5 stars

The question is, “Why are you still single?”

The answers are in Glantz’s series of hilarious, embarrassing, sad, and happy stories about dating and the single life.

I have a feeling I’ll wake up one day, and just like Glantz, BOOM! All my friends are engaged.

Glantz talks about her single life, horrible dates, and dealing with friends and family members always trying to set her up with someone. Well jeez, that sounds right up my alley! πŸ˜›

I enjoyed this book because I could relate to so many of the emotions Glantz felt as a single girl trying to survive in a world full of couples.

IMG_8807The stories range from what to do on Valentine’s Day as a single girl, dating all the wrong guys, online dating, why he didn’t ask for your number, why dating is difficult, how love is blind, why you should stop asking single people why they’re single…etc.

I finished this book in a day and thought the stories were pretty entertaining.

While reading the book, I felt like I was talking to a really close friend. I feel like if Glantz and I met in person, we may hit it off as good friends. I mean, I love stuffing my face with pizza. And we can totally bond over how everyone’s always trying to set us up.

I’d recommend this book to single girls just like Glantz and I. The stories will give you a good laugh, and the book is definitely an entertaining read.

And to all you people out there trying to set the single ones up, we know you mean well, but really, there has got to be an end.


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