Diary of a Mad Diva

Rest in peace, Joan Rivers ❤ I decided I just had to read her last book after hearing about her passing.



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18693683Diary of a Mad Diva by Joan Rivers

4/5 stars

This book was unique. It was written in diary format, and it screamed, “Joan!”

I only know Joan from her red carpet interviews and as a Fashion Police host.

The reason I watch Fashion Police is because of her punchy humor.

She truly tells it like it is! I LOVE that about her! She shocked the world with her humor.

I was expecting the same kind of humor from her book, and that’s exactly what I got. So it’s safe to say I was a satisfied reader.

Joan mentioned her daughter Melissa and grandson Cooper throughout the book, as well as a couple other reoccurring characters from her life.

She talked about her super busy schedule recording shows and jet setting here and there.

From what I’ve read in this book, I think she truly lived a life she loved, which is all we ever ask for, right?

If you’re a Joan ranger, you have to read this book for yourself. You’ll totally be entertained diary entry after diary entry.

Here were some quotes that stood out to me:

“I hate AT&T. It obviously stands for Always Terrible Transmission.”

“…red-carpet style is like herpes: You either have it or you don’t.”

“…he said he was ‘FUstrated’ at his team’s losing. What’s with the FUstrated? What happened to the r? It’s not silent. The word is Frustrated not FUstrated. That sort of stupidity drives me cazy.”

“I hate it when people drop the g at the end of a word. ‘He was runnin’ and playin’ and singin’…’ Again, the g is not a silent letter. Letters are meant to be used. And where will it end? How would you like it if I walked into Red Lobster and ordered an Angus burger, but I didn’t pronounce the g?”

“A baby daddy is just a horn dog who was too cheap to buy a condom and a baby mama is the local slut who got knocked up in the back of a truck. You shouldn’t be a baby anything if you’re still wearing pull-ups yourself.”

“I hate euphemisms. Like ‘powder room.’ It’s a toilet. Yes, some women go in there to powder their noses. But more women go in there to take a shit.”

“Fall is my favorite season because as the temperatures cool down, the people smell less, and a ride on the subway is no longer like a week in a men’s room.”

Ah, Joan. She truly was a unique character. I’ll miss her on Fashion Police 😦 but her legacy truly lives on.

I’d recommend this mad diva’s diary to readers who are up for a good laugh. I read this book during bus and train rides. Super entertaining! And I was awkwardly laughing aloud at random times too…haha!


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