Coola Mineral Sunscreen + Natural BB Cream

I got this sunscreen + BB cream sample and was amazed.


First of all, I have never seen a sunscreen and BB cream duo ever! Safe to say, I was excited to try it out.

The formula was so smooth! I’m always so scared of BB creams or any tinted moisturizers, really, because everything is always too dark for my really pale skin. I was pleasantly surprised when I put a tiny bit of Coola on my face and the color blended into my skin perfectly! It was a great, light shade that matched my ever so light skintone. The texture was super matte, which I love!

Since my skin is super pale, I couldn’t use this as my main source of sunscreen. So I do recommend wearing an actual sunscreen-sunscreen under Coola. I say under only because this Coola product is tinted, and a regular sunscreen normally would just cover up Coola if you put it on after applying Coola. Make sense?

I think the only bad thing about this product was that it wasn’t super long lasting 😦 So sad! By the end of my day, my face looked like the product disappeared entirely. Or at least around my nose area. (I could see all my pores again, yikes!) Although I’d seriously use it again in a heartbeat. The texture and shade is too gorgeous to pass up! πŸ™‚

What do you guys think? Anyone else love this product?


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