Jamberry Nails

Have you tried Jamberry nail wraps before? My friend Christine introduced me to them and I’m here to tell you all about it! 🙂


I bought my Jamberry nail wraps from my friend Christine because I thought I’d give them a try. They’re just like other nail wrap brands, except the application process is a bit different. I’ll tell you all about it below.

This is what my Jamberry package looked like in the mail:
IMG_8341It was flat and stayed unbent! Great, simple packaging. What can I say, I appreciate how products are packaged! Lol call me crazy. 😛

This is the nail wrap design I bought. It’s called “reminisce.”
This design in particular came in either matte or solid. I chose solid.IMG_8344These are the directions on how to apply your Jamberry nail wraps:
IMG_8343I know, it’s tiny writing. Can’t read it? No worries. I watched this video tutorial which really helped me out:

These are the items I prepared before finally sitting down to watch TV and apply my Jamberry nail wraps:

Rubbing alcohol
Cotton ball / paper towel
Jamberry nail wraps
Cuticle tool
Nail clipper (not pictured)
Hair dryer
Nail file (not pictured)
Cuticle oil

OK, OK, why do you need so many things?! That was the first question I asked myself before I sat down with everything. I honestly didn’t really understand why I needed so many tools! I’ve tried other nail wrap brands and didn’t really need much, but I thought I shouldn’t judge it before I tried it.

This is what the final product looked like:

Here’s what I learned after a few Jamberry nail wrap applications:
-Use a hair dryer!!! It really does help the adhesive stick onto your nails!
-I like using the nail clipper sometimes before the nail file. Try it out. You’ll figure out the perfect way to apply nail wraps in your own time and based on your own preferences.
-Be patient. I had a difficult time being patient because I just didn’t fully get Jamberry nail wraps at first. Once I understood why I had to do the steps I did, I started liking these nail wraps more.

These wraps last different amounts of time based on what you’re doing. It only lasted about a week and a half when I was on vacation and lifting my luggage from airport to airport. The tips started to lift up and that kinda sucked.

It’s also a bit difficult to keep every wrap smooth. I’ll find some bumps, wrinkles and ripples at times. It’s pretty easy to size them to fit your nail, but sometimes it is difficult to get them to stay down. So sizing is ehh at times. Some nails are easier than others with these wraps. Maybe it’s just me.

It’s kind of really cool how these wraps come in kids sizes though! Too adorable 🙂 Definitely less messy compared to regular nail polish for the little ones! Haha

I have to say, the removal process is super easy, though! You literally just peel the nail wrap off.

I liked these nail wraps so much I ended up buying some more from Christine! Haha Here’s my second round with Jamberry. This set is called Dia De Los Muertos:
Not only did I use them on my fingers, I tried them on my toes! Not bad.IMG_8900

This set lasted about 2 weeks. The ones on my toenails lasted longer than my fingernails, but this time I wasn’t carrying around luggage. 😛 The tips did lift up again, which got really annoying when I was actually using my hands.

I do love Jamberry because of the ease of application and detail in the style. I think my only thing is trying to keep the tips from lifting up after about a week or a week and a half. Then again, I get bored with my nails easily and want to change things up often. So maybe this is a good thing.

These wraps are about mid-ranged in pricing compared to other nail wraps I’ve seen. I think it may be worth it though compared to the other ones I’ve tried.

Anyhoo, if you’re interested in Jamberry nail wraps, check out Christine’s page! They do have a subscription service. I know how popular subscription services are these days 😛 So check that out if you’re really interested!


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