Cap and Gown

OK, OK, so I graduated in May…but most of you already know I’m way behind on OODs! (I’m catching up, actually! :D)

I know, you’re probably wondering how I’m catching up on OOTDs if this one was from May…well, I didn’t technically take an OOTD every single day of my last semester of college. I know, I know, such a slacker πŸ˜› Doing things like homework and projects instead of taking outfit photos! Gasp! Lol I didn’t do many over the summer either, but I’ve done some recently that I’ll post, so don’t worry, OOTD fans! I’ve gotcha covered! πŸ™‚


Heels: BCBG

But here’s me in my cap & gown (back in May :P)

I walked my major graduation ceremony (journalism) as well as my minor graduation ceremony (anthropology.)

This was me at my minor ceremony.

Tada! SJSU graduate. What whaaaaat. Go, Spartans! ❀


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