I read a freakin’ amazing book and I want to share it with all of you!


Katwalk by Maria Murnane

5/5 stars

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I literally had to reread the description on this book before I downloaded it onto my Kindle. It sounded like my life! Gasp!

Katwalk is about a girl named Katrina from Mountain View, CA. Bay Area! Whaaaaat? (That was also a surprising factor of the book!) Anyway, Katrina quits her job that she absolutely despised and goes to New York for two months by herself. Crazy? Pretty gutsy to me!

Katrina has always lived her life for other people. I understand exactly what that feels like. For so long, I lived my life according to what other people wanted me to do. It took me a while to learn how to make my own decisions and listen to what I want to do, instead of listening to what others wanted me to do. So the feelings Katrina felt really hit close to home with me.

Katrina is very quiet and shy and reserved. For her to go to NY by herself is pretty badass. Just saying. She meets new friends and sees new things. She figures out who she really is in this brand new place where she’s on her own and forced to think and act for herself. Sometimes I feel like if I moved out on my own like Katrina did, I’d do something similar.

But NY isn’t all fun and games for her. She’s got her parents on her back for quitting her job. So she’s got to push resumes out during a time where she’s supposed to be relaxing. I mean, to up and quit your stable job because you’re miserable is amazing. But what do you do after? I can see how she could feel lost during such a time.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from Katwalk:
“She hadn’t wanted to face the reality of how unhappy she was, but once she’d seen it written in ink, it was hard to ignore.”

“She couldn’t quite shake the feeling that people thought of her as the shy girl who didn’t quite fit in.”

“‘Trust me, you’re far from boring. You’re reserved, but that’s hardly a crime. I do get the feeling you take yourself a bit too seriously though.'”

“‘She was a nice person, a kind person, but it took forever to earn her trust, and as a result, she had few friends. She worked hard in school and has a good job now, but she doesn’t have much joy in her life. She’s very good at saying no, but she never learned how to say yes. Yes to new experiences. Yes to friendly yet unfamiliar faces. Yes to leaving Ohio. Yes to the unknown. She’s built a safe little world for herself, and she’s existing just fine, but in my opinion, she’s not really living. And for that I feel sorry for her.'”

“Change is only scary if you let it be.”


I hope those quotes make you interested in reading this book. I HIGHLY recommend it. Especially if you’re a reserved person like me. πŸ˜‰ I felt like I WAS and AM Katrina. Her journey took me through a journey. I learned more about myself when I read more about Katrina. I fell in love with this book quite easily, and I think you will too! ❀


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