Ruffian Nail Polish

I was always really hesitant when it came to nude nail polishes. It took me forever to try this Ruffian nude nail polish I got from Birchbox. (If you’re interested in joining Birchbox, let me know and I’ll send you my referral link!)


The shade I got is called, “Naked:”



Please ignore the messy application below.


The nail polish went on easily. The formula is smooth and I had no difficulty applying it at all. My nails lasted about a week before any chipping started happening, so that’s good in my book.

After wearing this nail color for a week, I actually started getting used to the color! I mean, I knew nude went with almost everything, but I didn’t realize how amazing that was until I actually had nude polish on my fingernails!

I’d use this nail polish again because it worked out well. I’d also suggest trying it because I came across no problems when I used it. I’m still getting used to the nude color, but it’s slowly growing on me.

Have you used any other Ruffian products? Tell me about it!


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