BeeKind Body Lotion

I got a sample of BeeKind Body Lotion from Birchbox

(If you’re interested in joining Birchbox, shoot me a comment / email & I’ll send you my friend referral link!) ❀


I absolutely loved this sample! Seriously contemplating whether or not to buy the full-sized product!

This lotion smells absolutely divine! The scent is fresh, and reminds me of lemons and honey. Mmm! πŸ™‚ It has “honey & organic chamomile extracts” in it. The formula is moisturizing and the sample I got came in a wonderful travel size (not the photo above!)

And according to the bottle, a portion of the proceeds of the purchase of this lotion goes to help honeybee research! So cute. This product was also made in the USA, for those of you who are super USA-bought items.

I’d definitely recommend this product to others. A couple of my co-workers tried this lotion and they said they enjoyed it, too! So try this product out and tell me what you think.

Has anyone else tried any BeeKind products before? Let me know!


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