(re)FRESH Dry Shampoo

I bought this (re)FRESH dry shampoo a while back in the scent Flower Power.


I’m obsessed with dry shampoos! I’ve tried a handful of brands (although I’m not sure I actually reviewed any before!) This specific brand, I’m not sure of yet. I’ve never used a (re)FRESH product before but I bought this one because it was in a bundle of breast cancer awareness products, and because the scent intrigued me.

I was hoping for a nice floral scent, but instead I’m not quite sure how to describe the scent of this dry shampoo. Let’s just say I wish it just didn’t have a scent at all. Nonetheless, I still use this product and I like it fine. It does the job of a dry shampoo. The only thing is, I with it left my hair feeling more refreshed. I just feel like residue is building up after I use this dry shampoo. Although using dry shampoo is pretty much adding product to your hair…

All in all, I wouldn’t buy this specific product again because of the scent.

Anyone have any other (re)FRESH products they love or hate?


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