Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Liner

I got a sample of this Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Eyeliner.


I was amazed with the flexible felt tip. The formula was smooth and creamy. The formula itself was easy to use, I just had to get used to the applicator brush. I’m still getting used to it, so it’s not my absolute favorite. I think I’m just so used to a super thin eyeliner brush that this felt tip is throwing me off.

I’m in between loving and hating this eyeliner. It’s definitely bold and the formula stays well, I’m just really not sure about the applicator brush yet. I’m still filling in the spaces on my lash line with my regular thin eyeliner brush because this felt tip thing kinda freaks me out lol


I’m sure I’ll love it as I get used to it more, but using it just isn’t as easy as using my regular eyeliner brush and eyeliner from an eyeliner pot. 😛


I do like how this felt tip is quicker to use since the eyeliner is already in the pen and all you have to do is twist the end of it for the formula to come out.

Anyone else love or hate this product?


4 thoughts on “Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Liner

  1. Yeah – this wasn’t my favorite either! And I never could get used to the tip, which is too bad because the color is TRUE black, which I love. Every time I go to use it the eyeliner itself doesn’t actually come out of the tip enough for it to go on my lash line. I have to wipe away the “dry” product before it will work. It’s really disappointing.

  2. It has such a wonderful matte black finish, so I’ve really wanted to try it but I’m a little concerned about the applicator tip as well :/ That’s the only reason I haven’t gotten it yet, haha. I’d like to know if it gets any easier for you because I still want to have faith in this eyeliner!

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