Makeup by One Direction: Lip Glosses, Mascaras, Nail Polishes (Sponsored)

(This is a sponsored post.)

Hey, gal pals! Are you ready for today’s dose of One Direction? I know I am! πŸ™‚

I’m a member of Brand Backer, and thanks to Markwins Beauty, I got this awesome chance to review some makeup by One Direction for you all!


Did you know One Direction made makeup?! I had no idea. I thought they were just singers! So let’s check out some of their makeup products.

I got 3 boxes of samples:

-1 set of 3 LiquiLights Glow lip glosses

-1 set of 3 Electro Glam mascaras
-1 Rock Me Nail Kit, which includes a set of 3 nail polishes + 3 glitter canisters

Let’s start with the LiquiLights Glow lip glosses first. All of these glosses have natural oils and Vitamin E in them to keep your lips moisturized. You can wear them alone or over some 1D creme lipstick! & According to the brand, these LiquiLights Glow lip glosses not only sparkle in the daytime, but glow under UV black lights at night! Whaaaat? Somebody get me into a rave, stat! πŸ˜›


Shades from left to right in the above photo and top to bottom in the below photo: “Kiss You,” “Taken,” & “Through the Dark.”


IMG_9347IMG_9348IMG_9353IMG_9351I was surprised when I saw an orange lip gloss in this set. I’ve never worn an orange lip color before, but I’ve always wanted to try it! When applied, this shade of gloss looks mostly clear with glitter. The formula is slightly sticky, but not bothersome. When worn, I felt a tiny hint of graininess from the glitter on my lips, but it wasn’t a big deal at all. I think my favorite part is that the glitter stayed on my lips even after I wiped off the gloss haha! I think this shade is great for daily wear because it’s not actually super orange, and it’s mostly clear. But apparently at night, according to the brand, this shade of gloss glows neon yellow under UV lighting! Um, can you say AHH-MAZING?! πŸ™‚

IMG_9354 IMG_9356 IMG_9355 IMG_9361I LOVED the high sparkle from this gloss! So much glitter! ❀ This gloss is a great shade of pink. I love it so much. You can wear it day/night and the formula is opaque and perfect for layering. I like this one better vs. the orange one. These glosses have a great applicator brush that’s easy to use and comes in a great size. According to the brand, this shade glows neon orange in the UV light. Oooo! That must be a sight to see!

IMG_9362 IMG_9365 IMG_9364 IMG_9368This shade is super similar to the pink shade, I know. But they’re different, I swear! (Look back at the photo of the swatch of all 3 glosses next to one another and you’ll see!) You really have to layer this lip gloss for a darker red color to show. It’s not red and it’s not pink, but it’s a nice mix of the two. I love how shiny it is! According to the brand, it’ll glow a neon red-orange under a UV light. So freakin’ exciting! πŸ™‚
Now, let’s talk about this Electro Glam mascara! These are super bright, so you’ll definitely stand out when wearing them! According to the brand, this is a limited-edition trio.

Colors from left to right: “Why Don’t We Go There?” “Does He Know?” and “Story of my Life.”
IMG_9370This stuff actually doubles as hair paint. Ooo! So seriously, let’s go to a rave. πŸ˜‰ You can add lots of coats of this mascara to your lashes to shock people with the bright colors. You can also swipe this stuff onto a few strands of your hair for some bright highlights that wash off!

IMG_9384 IMG_9385IMG_9387It’s a weird concept putting on mascara that isn’t my usual black or brown. It’s also interesting when you wipe it off and look down at the tissue to see a bright mascara. I think this blue one was my favorite out of the 3 mascara colors. I think it’d be great for costume parties and raves! I also think this would look lovely by itself. It’s something different and it draws people’s attention to your lashes! I honestly think I would’ve loved this mascara in 8th grade, because that’s when I would steal my mom’s blue mascara all the time! Haha I’m not even joking. Little did I now, that was super old mascara because it was thick and clumpy :O But this stuff is smooth as ever!

IMG_9377 IMG_9379 IMG_9381I love how fun this shade of pink is! I’d wear this one on the tips of my lanes over black mascara. Pink is my favorite color and I think this would be fun to wear with some matching pink lipstick/lip gloss! πŸ™‚ I’d also love to have some pink streaks in my hair, so this would be perfect! I can see myself wearing pink every day haha so this is a little bit more on the “normal” side for me compared to the blue mascara.

IMG_9371 IMG_9373 IMG_9374I liked the yellow mascara the least out of all 3. I don’t even think I liked it, to be quite honest. My reason behind that? My eye lashes are naturally bleach blonde. Wearing yellow on top of that isn’t really defining. I thought it’d be a great way to bring out the yellow flecks I have in my eyes, and it kind of is, but my lashes still feel naked without a darker color. I also am not sure I’d wear this in my hair because of the color. I have naturally dirty blonde hair which is currently dyed dark brown. But I think that this color would look a little funky on hair. But that’s just me. Maybe it’d be great for a costume or something.

Last, but not least, let’s get into the Rock Me Nail Kit. According to the brand, these polishes and glitters are neon UV-reactive. Talk about nails that light up during the day and at night!

IMG_9345Nail polish colors from left to right: “Happily,” “Moments,” and “Diana.”
Glitter from left to right: “Kicks,” “Not Afraid,” and “Star.”

IMG_9392 IMG_9390 IMG_9403 IMG_9409So I have a lot to say about this blue nail polish. Ugh. I had such a difficult time with it! 😦 This shade was my least favorite out of all three shades because of the streakiness and how I just couldn’t build up enough color! So upsetting. If you look at above two photos, you’ll see how opaque the blue is even after two coats. I learned that you shouldn’t load up the brush with a lot of polish when you’re applying this shade. Just go with a thin/just the right amount of polish and swipe it onto your nails. I’m guessing three coats may be OK, but I’m still skeptical. I absolutely loved this blue glitter, though! Haha I’m guessing the formula has to do with how you can see the color shining through a UV light. There has to be different ingredients in the formula because of this, yes?

IMG_9401 IMG_9399 IMG_9405 IMG_9407I absolutely loved this shade of pink. ❀ I had better luck with the application process with this shade. I have no idea why. But I had issues with the drying process. I painted on three coats of this polish to get the bright pink shade I wanted, and then I put a coat of glitter on one nail as an accent. But it took FOREVER to dry! And I painted my nails in the late afternoon. I woke up the next morning and my nails had my hair marks on them. You know what I’m talking about if this has happened to you before. Sigh, too thick of a coat, I guess. So sad. But the glitter part was super fun hehe I applied it with just a tooth pick. You can do the same with a paint brush.

IMG_9396 IMG_9394 IMG_9404 IMG_9411I liked this silver glitter nail polish. Then again, I love all glitter nail polishes haha I found this one to be very interesting though, because the glitter in the polish is different from “normal” glitter. Instead of circular glitter pieces, the ones in this polish are long. Yay, something different! Haha but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this glitter shade in the actual pot of glitter! ❀ I love glitter and I had way too much fun with the glitter containers haha This polish was my favorite out of all three and this shade of glitter (in the canister) was my favorite out of all three.

I think mixing polishes/glitter colors is fun, too!
IMG_9412Excuse the messy application πŸ˜› But I loved the pink shade of polish still, and I used that on most of my fingers. I used the silver glitter nail polish on my index finger and the glitter from the canister as an accent nail on my ring finger. The nail polish lasted about a week or so before chipping, and it was all super easy to remove with nail polish remover. The glitter was easier to remove than the glitter nail polish, but glitter nail polish is normally stubborn.

Overall, I’ll be using the lip glosses because I’m a huge lip product fan, and I’ll be using the mascara sparingly, and I’ll be definitely using the glitter canisters more than the polishes themselves.

Makeup by One Direction is super colorful and fun! All of the items may not be the most expensive and greatest quality ever, but everything is pretty affordable for most girls. Sparkle and shine in vibrant hues that will make people do double takes as they walk past you.

You can now purchase Makeup by One Direction in the following stores:
-Beauty Brands
-Lord & Taylor
-Stage Stores

Follow Makeup by One Direction on Facebook to get updates and see what other products they have. They also have a Twitter page you can stalk. You can check out some of their other makeup products on Markwins Beauty.

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If you’ve read through this whole post, thanks a bunch! For my dedicated readers, or just big 1D fans or makeup junkies: Would you like to WIN some makeup by One Direction?! Click here to enter the giveaway! Hurry, before it’s over!

Show the world some 1D love! Any questions, anyone? πŸ™‚

(This is a sponsored post.) Thanks, Brand Backer + Markwins! ❀


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