Limited Edition One Direction Makeup Tins (Sponsored)

(This is a sponsored post.)

Hey, makeup lovers! Ready for some more One Direction love?

Once again, thanks to Brand Backer and Markwins, I’ve got another Makeup by One Direction makeup review for you!


So what are the boxes above? Make up tins! I only have three here, but there are five total: One of every 1D band member! Cute, huh? Each tin has the same type of makeup inside, but each tin itself looks different. Wanna see what I mean?


See how the left side of the tins (the side with the drawings and such) are all different? That’s what I mean by each tin is different. But see the two identical makeup shades on the right sides of each tin? This is what I mean by the makeup is the same in each tim. (The top left tin is Harry, the top right tin is Zayn, and the bottom middle tin is Niall.)

I chose to use the Niall tin. No specific reason. But my fav is Louis and I didn’t get his tin. Don’t judge me. 😛 Lol

This is a close up of the Niall tin:


I love the bottom of the tin on the inside, under the makeup!


You boys are beautiful, too. 😛

Let’s get a close up of the makeup:


We’ve got eyeshadows, an eyeliner, lip glosses, nail polishes, a lip brush and a double-sided eyeliner applicator.

Let’s start with eyeshadows.


From left to right, first row then second row, we’ve got:
“Nobody Compares,” “Tell me a Lie,” “Same Mistakes,”
“I Would,” “Summer Love,” and “Everything About You.”





Below is the top left eye shadow: “Nobody Compares.” It’s a metallic silver. I’m not a fan of metallics, so this one wasn’t my cup of tea.

IMG_9482 IMG_9483

Next, we’ve got: “Tell Me a Lie.” This one is my favorite because it’s such a subtle shade. It’s a metallic but it’s a nice nude color. Love it! Perfect for everyday wear.

IMG_9487 IMG_9488

Next is  “Same Mistakes.” I’m not a fan of blue eye shadow, so this one was ehh. But I do love how shiny and pigmented it is! I can imagine someone wearing it to a Sharks game.

IMG_9489 IMG_9490

Moving onto the bottom row, we’ve got a shimmery brown color called “I Would.” It’s not as pigmented as I would’ve liked it to be, but I do like the shade. Perfect for blue eyes!

IMG_9495 IMG_9496

Moving onto, “Summer Love,” which is a dark purple/navy color. I’m not sure about this one yet. I think I only like dark eye shadow colors on smoky eye looks. I’ll have to do a smoky eye with these dark colors because I don’t like them sitting on my whole eyelid, even if it is just up to the crease.

IMG_9493 IMG_9494

Last, but not least, we’ve got the shimmery black shade called, “Everything About You.” Again, not a super fan of this dark color. It was kind of hard to build upon by layering because of the formula. It wasn’t as pigmented as I thought it would be. But I’m thinking it’d again, be great as a smoky eye.

IMG_9491 IMG_9492

We’ve got a matte black eye pencil in this kit in the shade, “I Want.”

IMG_9498 IMG_9499

I only use pencil liners on my lash line to tight line, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you what this product is like on the lid, but it’s good for the lash line in my book so far!

Moving on to lip products! I love lip products. ❤

We’ve got a shimmery lip gloss in the shade, “Over Again.” The brand calls this a lip top coat, but I think it can be work alone just fine.

IMG_9470 IMG_9471 IMG_9473

As you can see, the gloss is clear, and there’s a light sparkle to it. Great for everyday wear because it’s subtle.

Next come the quad of lip glosses.


The top left color is called, “Loved You First.” It’s a bright, bubblegum pink! ❤ My fav! Hehe


It’s bright and buildable if you want to layer coats over coats. I love this one! My fav out of all 5 glosses in this kit. Some people would call this too bright for everyday wear, but I’d wear it every day! Haha 🙂

Next (top right) is a shade called, “One Thing.” This is a frothy/frosty light pink.


I used to wear this color a lot in high school. I have no idea why, but I think it’s because I thought it’d make my pale skin look more tan. Haha. Safe to say, I loved frothy pink glosses for a while. Not sure if I’d wear them on a daily basis anymore, but the color is still super fun sometimes! 🙂

Next, (bottom left) is “Irresistible.” It’s a shiny pink-red.


I had to keep layering and layering for more color, but I do like it because it reminds me of that “just bitten” lips look, you know? Or like you just had a red lollipop, or you have raspberry-stained lips. Yeah? Haha. It’s super shiny and creamy, and I do like it. Just not as much as the first bright pink. But this color has its own great qualities about it. You’ll just have to try it out and see what I mean. 😉

Last, but definitely not least! We’ve got the tan-looking color (bottom right) called, “Heart Attack.”


This is the most neutral looking shade, and once I dipped my finger into the quad, I realized how creamy the formula was! Wow! Super moisturizing! Love it! I’d wear this color if I had a dark smoky eye on to balance out the look.

Moving on! Nail polishes! Or as the 1D boys would say, “nail varnishes.” We’ve got two colors, one is a shimmery polish, and one is a glitter polish.

The shimmery pink polish is called “Stole My Heart.” It’s a pink-red polish.


The glitter polish is a clear polish with glitter in it. It’s called, “Alive.” You can wear it on its own, or you can put it on top of a colored polish.


I wore the glitter polish on its own in this case. (Excuse the messy painting!) I did about 2-3 coats of polish. The color is nice and it dried quickly. I liked the glitter polish, but I wish there were more flecks of glitter in the bottle! I felt like I had to layer SO many times to get enough glitter on my nail, and I still feel like I don’t have enough glitter on my nail 😦 Maybe I just need to use this glitter polish on top of a colored nail polish, you know what I mean?



Overall, I thought this kit was interesting. I wish all the items were portable. I mean, yes, the whole kit is portable, but If all the pieces were more like the eyeliner, gloss in a tube, and nail polishes, I’d be super stoked.

The holiday season is coming up, so these 1D makeup tins would be awesome gift for makeup lovers and 1D super fans! 🙂 One Direction makeup by Markwins is affordable and the products are all fun! Click here to check out more 1D makeup by Markwins. And don’t forget to check out Makeup by One Direction on Facebook and Twitter.

But really, 1D members were involved in this makeup kit process. Check out Liam and Niall working on this makeup set! 🙂

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Thanks for reading, lovers! Until next time. 🙂

(This is a sponsored post.) Thanks, Brand Backer + Markwins! ❤


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